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    Mission Statement

    Working together to provide for the safe, effective and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and commercial vehicles through operation/maintenance of traffic control systems/devices, engineering, design and construction that maximize safety, quality, reliability, comfort and understandability, while minimizing travel time, inconvenience and expense for the traveling public and the taxpayers.
    Vision Statement

    To be a progressive Division recognized and respected by the citizens of Newport News through providing a safe, cost-effective, environmentally sensitive, comfortable, durable, and aesthetically appealing transportation system.

    Vision Elements:

  1. We will be a citizen based, performance driven, results oriented organization, focused on finding the answer, solving the problem, and achieving positive outcomes.
  2. We will partner with the Newport News community to maximize resources, deliver high quality services, and be recognized as setting the standard for excellence.
  3. We will be trustworthy guardians of the public’s resources.
  4. We will collaborate to provide “seamless” services that benefit our external and internal customers, streamlining our work processes and removing barriers wherever they arise.
  5. We will accept the challenge of change and be committed to continually enhancing the safety, environment, and quality of life in our community.
  6. We will constantly look for new and better ways to deliver services. We will seek to be innovative, take reasonable risks, learn from our mistakes and always strive for excellence.
  7. We will welcome diversity in our community and our work place.
  8. We willconduct our work in an atmosphere of safety, trust, respect and courtesy with open doors and open communication for our customers and each other.
  9. We willprovide ethical, dynamic and effective leadership; establish clear direction and priorities, and model the mission and values in support of our common Vision.
  10. We will be accountable for our performance and our organization’s success, and be recognized for our achievements.

    Values that Guide Our Actions

    Commitment: We are vigilant in our responsibility to provide effective, efficient and professional transportation services

    Competency: Our mission requires us to strive to provide quality public service through sound decision making and to be accountable for our actions. Our employees are professionals who utilize their expertise in making effective, efficient and reliable decisions. We pride ourselves in meeting challenges with innovative solutions.

    Respect: We treat each other with dignity. The relationships so established are based on mutual trust, which provides a steadfast foundation for successful teamwork.

    Teamwork: We work together for the success of each other and the Division. We value individual opinions of people with different skills. By putting these opinions in harmony our Mission and Vision, we work together towards a common goal through a Shared Leadership philosophy.

    Integrity: We demonstrate our integrity through our personal conduct and promoteLeadership Through Example.